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Quick wear: boss, have the guts to fight with me by Xin Jiujiu

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He threw himself into the soft big bed, cigar hanging in the air, Xin Jiujiu turned around, saw Shen boss a salted fish appearance, immediately. How many times have I said that! No smoking in the bedroom! Shen Jie, big brother? "Wife, there's still half of it left!" How many times have I said that! Don't call me wife! Is it earthy? "Well, well, well." Wife Xin Jiujiu sighed. At present, she is probably the only one who dares not give boss Shen a good look. Go to the window and smoke! Come on! I'm going to take a shower first. Chapter 285 Underworld Godmother (53). Shen Jie sat up and looked at the evil of Xin Jiujiu's smile. There was no doubt that he had a supercilious look, but he still couldn't change the ruffian in his bones. Sister-in-law, cigars can be stored out! I want to take a shower with you! “……” Xin Jiujiu's secret way is not good. He ran to the bathroom in three steps and two steps. He closed the door in a hurry, but was stopped by an arm. Xin Jiujiu stamped his feet in a hurry. This shameless bitch! You get out! I don't want to wash with you! "We haven't done it in the bathroom yet. I'm not going out!" "Hooligan!" "Legal!" “……” What the hell is legal! She and Shen Jie got a'marriage certificate ', but when she got the marriage certificate, she sadly found that the so-called marriage certificate was just a note of marriage, hand-written, no photos, not to mention the ID number, only two names, and then some blessings, and finally bought a tax stamp from the government and pasted it on it, even if it was legal. Shen Jie said that a 6-year-old child bride can apply for a'marriage certificate '. What's the difference between this and a child playing house? Disappointed, for this era, disappointed! "Sister-in-law, just let me in!"! That's what you said. Unless you are born alone, it will happen sooner or later! “……” The sound of water in the bathroom, accompanied by the sound of luxury, came for a long time to subside, Shen Jie head covered with a towel, will be tired into a salted fish little wife out. When he laughed at her, he must have forgotten who was the real salted fish when he first entered the house. Wife, are you all right? Let's get on with it! "Are you taking sex//medicine with endless passion?!" "I don't need to eat that stuff, all said, you are my opium, is my big smoke, is my white powder, smoking addiction, not to mention, I not only smoked but also ate.." If I can, I choose the dog belt! When did life become so passionate? Probably after the wound on Shen Jie's back was completely healed. Shen Jie is an insatiable wolf, and she is a sheep who falls into the trap. The next day, Xin Jiujiu woke up in a daze, Shen Jie's coat sleeve on her body, pretending that he was hugging her to sleep? This Stupid X! In front of the full-length mirror, Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes ,impact beam tubes, she looked at the increasingly exquisite curve in the mirror, and the smile at the corners of her mouth revealed her good mood. She and Shen Jie each have something to do, Shen Jie will not control her, just have a request, go out to take people, ostentation and extravagance to be big, otherwise kidnapped, he did not know. Xin Jiujiu went out with six younger brothers, and the girls of the Jin Army mingled with the ordinary pedestrians and followed them in the dark. Miss, here we are! Xin Jiujiu got out of the rickshaw. The rickshaw driver had dark skin and a rag on his shoulder. Xin Jiujiu paid the money. The other party did not stop and turned away. This was the tacit understanding between her and the rickshaw driver. Tacit understanding to, don't need to say half a word more, no one knows green to help Shen Jie's big red man Xin Jiu, secretly sponsored a rickshaw driver's two children to study. And this rickshaw puller, who usually solicits a lot of customers, is completely an ordinary rickshaw puller, but it is he who has taken over almost every trip of Xin Jiu. Yizhichun Street is still the same, but recently, several big female branches have changed their behind-the-scenes bosses, and it is said that they have offended people who should not be offended.
"Sister-in-law!" "Sister-in-law!" Xin Jiujiu inspected the past one by one. Everywhere he went, everyone would respectfully call his sister-in-law. Everyone inside knew that the women's branch on this street now belonged to the Green Gang! "Sister Jiu, an invitation from the Daxing Foreign Firm in the International Settlement!" Ching handed over the invitation and met Neil Turner that day. Later, she took her to many ladies and ladies in the upper class. She did not put this relationship aside. Later, she went to several such dances and gradually became familiar with these people. Occasionally, someone who held a dance could also receive an invitation. She painstakingly managed a huge network of relationships, up to the county government master's wife, the family of the boss of the foreign firm, the noblewoman of the foreign embassy, down to the procuress, female ticket customers and rickshaw pullers of Fireworks Willow Lane. Chapter 286 Underworld Godmother (54). Afternoon time back to the green gang, Shen Jie has finished dealing with the day's affairs, leisurely sitting on the boss chair thinking about life. Xin Jiujiu sat opposite him and yawned. I'm so tired. "Does sister-in-law have time in the evening?" "Lady Diane of Daxing invited me to the opera!" "Yes, your husband invited you to the theatre!" “……” Stare at The big brother stood up and went around to the back of the little sister-in-law, massaging her shoulder with his bony hands. My eldest brother likes to listen to operas, antiques, calligraphy and paintings, cigarettes, and women. I thought he was a hermit, but now it seems that he is not simple. I can hardly meet him on weekdays. I have to create a chance encounter to explore the actual situation and see what kind of mind he is carrying! "As it happens, I also want to see what kind of talents your brothers are!" Guanghe upstairs, bustling, the play has not yet begun, the bottom has been packed, it seems that Guanghe building tea and dried fruit tips have earned a lot. Today is the home of brother and sister Wu Rong and Wu Lin, who are in their late twenties and early thirties and are known as the pioneers of the Wu school. It is not surprising that women sing Laosheng and men sing Huadan and Qingyi. When Wu Rong sings Qingyi, his voice is euphemistic. Although it is slightly less mellow, his pronunciation is clear and his singing voice is full of charm. Wu Lin's Laosheng's opening is unique. His appearance is powerful and perky, and his singing voice is strict and heavy. Xin Jiujiu grew up in the Internet age,stainless steel tube 304, the real opera only grandparents can see, and she occasionally heard one or two sentences, really can not appreciate the essence of the quintessence of Chinese culture. cbiesautomotive.com


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