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After dressing as an ex-wife [system]

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"The terrible thing is not to be scolded. The terrible thing is not to mention it. Have you heard the second sister say anything about the second brother-in-law?"? Also, the second sister has been married for three or four years, but there is no movement. Are you in a hurry? What work is busy, their dean is busier, and there are fewer children? Cheng Fangwu persuaded Cheng Gang one by one, "You think again, what is the second sister like before marriage, and what is the two years after marriage?"? If you have a good life, can you be ground like that? Originally a gentle and sweet girl, now a gloomy woman, "How long have you not heard the second sister laugh?" Cheng Gang didn't notice this. "How long haven't you laughed?"? How do I know? Cheng Ling in the end did not laugh, Cheng Gang has been unable to remember, as if really not? "That dare not prove brother-in-law is a neuropathy," Cheng Gang horizontal Cheng Fang Wu one eye, "this matter must not say nonsense!" "Homosexuality is just orientation with most people are not the same, Not neuropathy." Cheng Fangwu stretched out a finger, "And, Is he different from ordinary people and I have nothing to do with it, But he clearly don't like women, But cheat marriage married two elder sister, Destroy her life, With me have a relationship." Cheng Fangwu pounded Cheng Gang, "If you marry a woman, you are not allowed to touch her all day long,Automatic nail machine, you can not tell others, outsiders see you married, in fact, only you know, you live like a monk, do you suffer?" "Bitter, of course!" Cheng Gang was so touched that he pressed Cheng Fangwu on the bed, "I am a monk now!" Cheng Fangwu kicked Cheng Gang off the bed. "What are you doing?"? I'm talking about business! Cheng Gangsu for a year, see only a wife wearing autumn clothes,wire nail making machine, eyes are green, "I do not listen, Naimei, you are good with me today, tomorrow you say I listen to what!" Then he climbed up the bed again. Cheng Fangwu picked up the camera on the bedside table, "do you believe I opened you?" Cheng Gang looked at his wife with a fierce face, "Zhu Naimei, what's the matter with you?"? What don't you like about me? Cheng Gang pointed to Cheng Qiang on the bed. "Since I had him, you didn't let me touch you. It was not easy for the child to be born. I was a cow and a horse, but what about you?"? What did you do to me? Don't you want to live? Cheng Fangwu gave Cheng Gang a supercilious look. Husband and wife life? That is absolutely not, he is not crazy, "I have nothing to be dissatisfied with you, now the child is too small, I am almost tired to death every day, how can I have the spirit to mess around with you?"? Besides, I'm telling you such a serious thing now, Nail Making Machine price ,nail manufacturing machine, and you have the heart to think about it? What an animal you are! Cheng Gang was scolded by Cheng Fangwu dumbfounded, but the couple do something, how to become a beast? Cheng Fangwu told Cheng Gang what he had prepared. "How about it?"? Are you coming with me? It is necessary to call Shangcheng Steel. What if there is a fight? And only if Cheng Gang sees it with his own eyes, he will support Cheng Ling's divorce.
Cheng Gang looked at Cheng Fangwu in disbelief. Did he marry a sorceress? How do you know tomorrow Tian Xiangyang's that, that, "lover two words he really can't say," will come? " Cheng Fangwu gave Cheng Gang a white look, "how simple ah, the second sister killed to Ping City, but also so high-profile, do you think Tian Xiangyang's little lover will not hear?"? If you hear about it, will you call and question Tian Xiangyang? Cheating derailment, Cheng Fangwu experience is too rich, but these he has experienced, "and now the second sister in Pingshi did not come back, rather than call people back, let the Tian family angry, sister embarrassed, it is better to directly leave the second sister in Pingshi, he and his lover in Beijing were turned over red waves!" What do you mean by "being turned over"? Is this really your wife? Cheng Gang opened his mouth to say something about Cheng Fangwu, but he thought it was useless to say it. "So you asked me to catch/rape?"? But how to catch two big men? Catch and admit it? No one will believe you even if you say it out! Cheng Fangwu proudly shook the camera in his hand, "so I borrowed this specially, we pressed them on the bed, a crazy shot." He winked at Cheng Gang. "What do you think will happen?"? Tian Xiangyang, for the sake of his own face, still can't recognize our conditions? At this time, the crime of hooliganism has not been abolished, and Tian Xiangyang is estimated to be locked up for a few years. What are you going to ask for? Cheng Gang suddenly felt a little cold in his back. He pulled the quilt and lay in the quilt, hoping that he could warm up. "You say it, I listen to you." Chapter 28 Cheng Fangwu leaned against the head of the bed, holding his chin. "What's the condition?" In fact, I don't ask for much. Divorce is certain. Besides, my second sister married him for three or four years. She not only sacrificed her youth, but also carried the reputation of a divorced woman. "That's what I'm worried about. Think about it. If my second sister gets divorced, won't she be drowned by spittle?"? I think, "Cheng Gang felt that taking photos to subdue Tian Xiangyang, let him live well with Cheng Ling, is the right way.". Cheng Fangwu glanced at Cheng Gang. "What do you think?"? Do you think it's best not to divorce, so the second sister is living the life of a nunnery aunt with the reputation of a married woman? Cheng Gang was asked by Cheng Fangwu speechless, "do you mean you have to divorce?"? But what kind of family can the second sister remarry when she gets divorced? "That also depends on the reason for the divorce," Cheng Fangwu sat up straight, with big almond eyes, "if Tian Xiangyang did not lift it?" Cheng Gang couldn't believe his ears. "Nai Mei, you're so bad!" Say a man doesn't lift? Besides, how could he say such a word as "no lift" so easily? "Well, he doesn't touch women. Well, we won't know until tomorrow whether he's pressed by men or not. But in my opinion, it's better not to lift it!" Cheng Gang has been disgusted by Cheng Fangwu's words, "I know, I know, you don't say any more, you just tell me what conditions you want to put forward!" Cheng Fangwu smiled, "It's very simple,High Speed Nail Making Machine, divorce, compensation, and then let us tell people: he can't!" And compensation? Is there such a thing? Cheng Gang simply felt that his wife had opened a new door for him. "Isn't that too greedy?" 。


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