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Divine Seal Throne-Tang Jiasanshao

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Divine Seal Throne-Tang Jiasanshao

All the negative emotions are also accompanied by this thick vitality swept away the most profound feeling is the partners of Long Haochen Everyone in the Dawn of Light Hunting Group felt as if they had returned to a dream paradise Everything around has turned into a vibrant green Xiao Huo and Shu Yongxiao looked at each other and from the fire of each other's soul they both felt a strong shock Originally this is the real power of Long Haochen! I'm afraid the power of the recovery of all things just now has reached the level of more than PMedicinal Plant Raw Materials nine levels and eight levels Although he used the power of the Throne of the Seal of Eternity and Creation the super-artifact itself was part of his body and even the super-artifact could not have improved so much Long Haochen's own wisdom furnace played a key role The revival of all things merges with the power of night tears The light and shadow of the anti-Tianmo Dragon Pillar in the sky gradually became illusory and broken When Long Haochen appeared again in the public line of sight behind him there appeared a small tear figure magnified many times At this time of the night small tears but is misty eyes She seemed to see her home again but at the same time she recalled the scene of the destruction of her home Po is the son of the Demon Emperor who has a very similar breath to the Demon Emperor! How could she not go all out to help Long Haochen launch the final blow The blue light gradually fades away and the rich breath of life returns to the body of Long Haochen like all rivers run into the sea and finally disappears in the place of the eternal sacred stone The figure of small tears in the night also faded and disappeared Po is in front of Long Haochen However now his body has completely lost one third of the degree of magic deification brought by the anti-Tianmo Dragon Pillar and even the body of the Dragon Armor is broken in many places Horrible scars shone with faint blue light all over his body Po's eyes have been very dim dim without any brilliance His Purple Dragon Sword was still in his hand but it was less than a third of its length He lost Even though he improved his strength in the state of Tianmo's disintegration he still lost to Long Haochen Under the recovery of all things The damage to the body is far less than the pain in the heart Kill me kill me- "Po suddenly shouted at Long Haochen he did not understand why Long Haochen did not kill" He could have killed himself just now Is he going to keep me and humiliate me Accompanied by his roar all the wounds on his body were broken and Po's body was completely dyed purple by his own purple blood But the self-repair ability of the royal family of the anti-sky magic dragon is really strong and the wound is only a few seconds later The blood stopped flowing on its own However the internal injuries of Po's body are not so easy to heal and the devouring of Tianmo's disintegration is devouring his source crazily Long Haochen looked at Po coldly knowing that from this moment on the Demon Prince could no longer pose a threat to himself He saved Po's life and naturally he had a purpose Last time at the Star Devil Tower The Demon Emperor didn't kill my partner I will return this favor to him now When I get back China Chemicals Suppliers tell the Demon Emperor that I am waiting for his arrival Six thousand years of darkness are coming to an end As he spoke Long Haochen waved his big hand and a huge force suddenly hit Po Push him into the distance and shoot him away Looking at Po's disappearing figure Long Haochen's heart gradually calmed down This battle he did not win easily while Po was blown away by him a touch of blood also flowed down from the corners of his mouth Po's last attack also hurt him However Long Haochen also succeeded in hiding some of his more powerful forces He was facing the Demon Prince instead of the Demon Emperor and he would rather be injured than turn over all his cards especially when he didn't intend to kill Po Five years ago in the Star Devil Tower Long Haochen did not understand why the Demon Emperor had not been cruel to his partners But that time the Demon Emperor really let them go If the Demon Emperor had killed everyone at that time he would not have been able to revive and could only meet his partners underground No matter what the reason for the Demon Emperor to do so today Long Haochen did not kill Po will return this favor to him let Po's message is to tell the Demon Emperor meet again is the fight of life and death
Long Haochen did not know that Po had the seal of the royal family and if he really wanted to kill Po then the scene that had appeared in the dream paradise would be repeated Looking into the distance the flame in Long Haochen's heart Natural Pigments gradually weakened and Cai'er who did not know when he had come to him pounded him hard on the shoulder and then threw herself into his arms and hugged him tightly Ask for monthly tickets and recommended tickets To be continued Chapter 288 confrontation with the Royal Dragon Pass (I) The holy war is inevitable and the war between humans and the Demons has just begun [Yan Mo Xuan has no pop-up ads] After simply cleaning the battlefield Long Haochen quietly disappeared at the end of the sky with his partners Including Huang Shuo the commander of the Black Dragon Guards a total of 20 Black Dragon Guards were killed in the previous battle Long Haochen did not delay half a minute with the partners quickly to the direction of the Royal Dragon Pass At the same time he asked Cai'er who was the fastest to catch up with the sharp knife legion in front of him immediately and ordered them to speed up and rush back to Yulong Pass Despite the destruction of the Demon vanguard Long Haochen's mood was not relaxed at all This is just the beginning The news of the moonlight night was confirmed to be correct but it also confirmed the correctness of her other news The Demon Emperor is commanding nearly two hundred nine-rank Demons to surround and kill him Now he can only choose to retreat quickly return to Yulong Pass and defend it with the strength of Xiongguan Pass If you want to defeat the Demons completely you can't do it in one battle What Long Haochen needs is waiting and persistence When the Demon Emperor saw Po his face was so ugly that he almost bled globalchemmall.com


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